Meet Stephen Dale

What would you do if you hit rock bottom… LITERALLY?

At the age of 21, Stephen fell 30 metres down a cliff. He suffered major head (shattered right rear skull, the right side jaw, eye socket, cheekbone and nose) and spinal injuries, (spine dislocated from hips, damaged vertebrae) critical blood loss, five heart attacks and severe liver, kidney and abdominal organ damage. Whilst in a coma, his family was informed that should Stephen survive, he would be most likely to spend the remainder of his life being dependant on the welfare of others. Successful surgery fused his dislocated – but still intact – spine back to his hips, and a spika (plaster body cast from chest to knee) was set, putting him on the long road to limited mobility. During his 8 month hospital stay he lost approximately 40kg, his five senses were compromised, and the head and nerve trauma led to compounding difficulties in communication, movement and excessive pain. Upon the discharge from his fourth hospital, Stephen was confronted with the painful reality of living with injury, fear, financial insecurity and long term unemployment. To add to his dilemma, his head injury took away his capacity to read, write or speak and simply to process information. Constant failure, embarrassment and disappointment in his attempts to overcome these obstacles brought confusion, self doubt and anxiety.

The choice was clear.

Either be relentless in his pursuit of personal success, regardless of the many difficulties, or surrender and ´play the blame game´.

Ask yourself… what would you do?

Stephen committed to a self imposed rehabilitation program that took 10 years to complete. Despite overwhelming medical, physical and social setbacks, he fully regained his cognitive and communication skills. He also rebuilt his physical strength, mobility and endurance. Stephen started Smiling Tiger in 2002, and has since taught and trained individuals and businesses throughout Australia how to overcome their professional and personal obstacles, manage their environment and achieve their goals, regardless of how powerful the obstacles may be.

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