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Looking for an Inspirational Speaker to add some Spark and Motivation to your next Conference or Workshop…

Then look no further than Stephen Dale!

Topics to Add Value to Your Conference

  • Each presentation and workshop has been tailored and delivered to a wide variety of industries, interest groups, ages and backgrounds.
  • Each presentation and workshop is tailored directly to your conference topics, business needs, staff requirements and time boundaries.
  • Each presentation and workshop is accompanied with practical, memorable and comprehensive strategies and activities to guide you and your team to success.
  • Each presentation and workshop can also be tailored for your workplace.

Topic 1: What Do You Do When Times Get Tough? (see About Stephen Dale)

  • What happens when everything that you relied and depended upon are suddenly taken from you, and there is nothing you can do about it?
  • What if the future you have worked for is shattered and replaced by fear and uncertainty?
  • Where do you turn when every road becomes a dead-end?

Steve shares his personal story and the life-changing systems he followed to beat the odds and rebuild his life.

This inspirational presentation is for those who are focused on achievement, but are confronted with powerful obstacles and negative forces.

You will also learn:

  • How to re-ignite your self belief and personal strength
  • How to re-energise and re-create yourself in a hostile environment
  • How to fill your life with passion, purpose and consistency
  • How to master the habits of change and progression
  • How to learn how to ´thrive, not just survive´ when confronted with difficult situations

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Topic 2: Winning in a Hostile Environment

Let´s face it. Running a successful business is challenging at the best of times. Add the financial fear, uncertainty and hostility of today´s environment and it takes a superhuman effort to keep on track.

Our confidence, motivation and sense of purpose declines and we are not as effective and efficient as we desire. This enlightening and practical presentation introduces Steve´s popular “Personal Identity” model.

This model shows you how to obtain clarity, focus and direction while remaining confident and motivated during times of obstacles, distractions and crisis.

You will also learn:

  • Why you think and behave as you do – and how to change unwanted habits
  • How to recognise and take full advantage of opportunities
  • How to change in an ever changing environment
  • How to create your ideal reputation
  • How to keep your balance and take control of your life and business

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Topic 3: Achieving the Ultimate People´s Business Successful customer service through knowledge of human behaviour

Every business searches for a customer service procedure that ensures repeat business, produces an abundant referral system and retains loyal, profitable and happy customers.

These procedures however, are fully reliant on the attitudes, behaviours and effectiveness of your mangers, staff and marketing team.

Customer satisfaction and staff behaviour are reflections of each other. A business cannot achieve one without meeting the needs of the other.

You will also learn:

  • Why your staff clients think and act as they do – and what you can do about it!
  • How to create profitable and loyal customer ´evangelists´
  • How to increase staff performance, initiative and retention While you are
  • Building a customer service reputation which separates you from competitors

Which will also:

  • Increase your customer upsell, cross-sell and repeat business
  • Generate superior manger/staff and staff/customer relationships
  • Protect your business training dollar

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Topic 4: Conquering Stress, Fear, Pain and Depression

‘The Big 4’ are the greatest enemies to goal achievers. They can strike anyone, anywhere at anytime. They destroy our ambition and waste our time, money and energy.

They wreck relationships, shatter futures and demolish our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. But is there a way to avoid their stranglehold?

Could the answer simply be realised in one word? Could acting on this one word not only keep you safe, but also be an antidote for those around you?

This presentation paints a clear path of how this one word will help you to avoid and triumph over The Big 4, and ease the suffering of others.

You will also learn:

  • How to introduce the one word and achieve immediate success
  • How to bring balance and control into your life
  • How to assist those under the stranglehold of the Big 4

(For more information, ask Steve about the follow-on workshops – click here to enquire now)

Information you need to know before you book a presentation with Stephen Dale

My Personal Commitment to you

Before the presentation:

  • Discuss the major objective/theme of your conference
  • Formulate a specific purpose to meet that objective
  • Send my travel itinerary, audio-visual requirements and introduction well in advance
  • Co-ordinate my timetable to fit in with your agenda

During the presentation:

  • Interact with the audience with pertinent questions
  • Motivate, enlighten, provoke and entertain your audience
  • Use creative techniques  to inspire easy learning and memory
  • Commit to the designated time boundaries

After the presentation:

  • Remain for questions, comments and follow through
  • Check out and depart with minimal effort to you
  • Itemise my expenses, provide receipts and bill you punctually
  • Discuss measureable and workable strategies to ensure impact remains