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Bullying, Motivation & Success: Workshops for Students

“Steve’s message gave enormous benefits to the students. They were still talking about it the following week.

I believe this will get the students thinking about their life and the direction they are taking.”
Robyn Utschink, Mitchell State School


Many schools develop an interactive syllabus to show students how to make the right choices in both career and life.

Programs are designed to combat the dangerous impact of bullying and instil a feeling of confidence and self belief.

These systems are designed to generate a sense of accountability and responsibility in our future leaders. However, despite the quality staff effort, some students slip through and leave school with low self esteem and a negative self image.

Stephen understands this dilemma. Through years of bullying, his poor self esteem quickly developed into alienation, anti-social behaviour and depression.

After leaving school, he lived a life without goals or the ability to foresee the consequences of his actions.

“The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow. The habits you reinforce today will create your life.”
Stephen Dale, Presenter, Trainer and Coach

His poor choices, attitudes and habits put him on a path of destruction and nearly claimed his life. (see About Stephen Dale) As a result, he understands the mindset of the teenager, the constant attacks on their self belief, and the reasons behind their actions.

Stephen shares with the students how he changed his destroyed life by accepting the connections between self esteem, choice and consequence. He understands the need to make positive changes, teach how to protect and develop their self esteem, create a positive environment and take control of their own choices and decisions.

These presentations and workshops leave a positive, lasting imprint on the minds of all students, especially those most difficult to reach.

Each presentation and workshop is tailored directly to your student’s needs, staff requirements and time boundaries.

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Presentation Options

Presentations (30 – 45 mins each)

  • Steve’s story: Making the right choices
  • The 7 habits of a successful student: in school and in life
  • How to successfully deal with pressure, stress and pain
  • How to bully-proof your school life
  • Self leadership – in life, career and relationships
  • Communication skills in the school and post-school world

Workshop (30 – 45 minutes)

Each workshop begins with a question/answer time, followed by a directed discussion forum during which the students recieve tips and strategies, discuss relevant and suitable issues and reach practical solutions. Rationale: For our students to be successful leaders of the future, they will need to make positive choices, overcome many obstacles and learn from their surrounding. By accepting that each choice creates its own outcome – regardless of the topic – they will develop a habit of making the suitable choice for the desired result.

Outcomes for the students:

  • To understand the connection between choices and results
  • To be able to predict the outcome, before a decision is made
  • To foresee the short and long range impact of their mental and emotional habits
  • To challenge their choices and the future they will create

Learning experiences:

  • To be aware of your habits and the future of your choices
  • How to take the R.I.S.K. out of making big decisions
  • The most productive and destructive ways to deal with bad choices
  • How to create a stress-less mindset, relationship and environment

Self and group evaluation:

Only time will be the true judge of their current decisions, as time will also develop skills of change and adaption. However, tips and strategies will be introduced and workshopped to assist the students in recognising the impact of their current decisions, and the decisions of their peers. For the Teachers:

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” -

Presentations available:

  • How to create a bully-free environment
  • Time management: The One Word Solution*

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