Smiling Tiger | Small Business Growth Workshops

It’s time to power up your business and take control of your prosperous future…

Presentation and Workshop Titles

  1. Breathe New Life into Your Business Plan
  2. Communication: Build and Expand Your Business
  3. Network, Prospect and Generate Leads
  4. Turn Problems into Opportunities Workshop
  5. Reputation: How to Design, Build and Maintain Workshop
  6. Time Management: The One Word Solution Workshop
  7. Leadership, Responsibility and Accountability
  8. Bonus Workshop : Confidence in Public Speaking

Each presentation and workshop is tailored directly to your business needs, staff requirements and time boundaries. Discuss your challenges and goals with Steve to maximise the impact of these workshops for your business.

Presentation and workshop additions:

  • Each participant will receive a workbook complete with techniques, initiatives, strategies and take home activities
  • Each strategy and activity is discussed at the following workshop,  providing a measurable level of accountability and action
  • Each workshop encourages interaction, initiative and involvement – rather than simply a well-meaning lecture


  • to take greater responsibility, initiative and urgency in their business
  • to be proactive and resourceful, not reactive and reliant
  • to have greater clarity and direction in their business activity
  • to identify and fulfil opportunities, rather than focus on problems and setbacks
  • to understand the connection between their thoughts and actions, and foresee the impact their thoughts will have on their business
  • to activate and reinforce their personal and business brand

Continuous themes running through workshops

  • your business is a reflection of you – your personal strengths will determine the growth of your business, your personal weaknesses will determine the failures. For your business to grow, you must grow first!
  • your individual habits, characteristics and values will structure your time, determine your effectiveness and therefore produce a business of success, mediocrity or failure
  • Individual follow up with coaching/consulting

Results have clearly shown those small business operators who receive individual follow up and coaching progress at a quicker rate than those who are left to their unchecked habits, thinking processes and behaviour. Frequency with individual coaching provides opportunity for the operator to question/dispute any issue and personalise any changes into their life and business.

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