What are people saying about Stephen Dale and Smiling Tiger…

“The ‘Smiling Tiger’ helped me find the impetus to refocus, reorganise and systemise in the key areas of my company. He has given me the energy, direction and courage to tackle critical issues. Stephen oiled and polished the rusty steel in my corporate backbone.”
Anthony Willis, Managing Director, Freemans Hire Service

"What an uplifting and motivating story you have, and the way you presented to our delegates was awe-inspiring. From the time you first stepped on stage until you finished, you had the audiences attention and the silence before the applause erupted is testament to the profound impact of your message. I congratulate you on using an event of momentous adverse personal physical impact, an experience that many would have used to 'justify' living a less that ordinary life and invoke the pity, poor me syndrome to one, that you personally used to catapult yourself from mediocre, to achieving success beyond what was expected or even deemed physically possible, and to then take your message out to inspire and empower others to examine their own lives and to decide to step up, get on the journey of life that makes their hearts sing, leave the excuses, if onlys, and other defeatist thoughts behind them so that they use their talents and fulfill more of their own special purpose and potential. We really appreciated your willingness to participate in the Summit and look forward to hearing from the delegates what they accomplish and attribute to the message that you delivered, bouncing back from rock bottom, overcoming adversity and fully embracing great opportunities (especially those disguised as difficult, or downright near impossible) in their business and personal lives. Personally I'm looking forward to the next opportunity I have to hear you speak and share your empowering story and thoughts on living life better. "
Debra Jarvis

"Steve Dale has been a valuable part of Mortgage Choice's professional development program for a number of years. His strategies and ideas are practical and life changing. His work with business owners has helped many to transform their business' to ensure profitable growth and long term viability. Steve has learned how to win despite the circumstances and he inspires all participants in our program."
Brett Smith, Queensland State Manager, Mortgage Choice Limited

"My name is Graham Woods, Student Support Officer at Beerwah SHS, and it is with pleasure that I write in support of Stephen Dale of The “Smiling Tiger”. I was attracted to the Smiling Tiger through an e-mail circulation promoting his business and as one who develops and facilitates life skills/resilience programs, I am always interested in exploring resources that can positively contribute to students participating in my programs as well as the student population as a whole. I contacted Stephen by phone and was impressed by the friendliness and openness he exhibited in discussing his experiences, judgement failings and eventual recovery. I decided to enlist Stephen’s expertise and scheduled him into a program I was currently running. The program’s twenty participants were yr 9 girls (age 14 Years) and were in week 6 of an 8 week program. I was impressed with Stephen’s easy style and his ability to capture the focus of the girls for the full 70 minute session. Evaluating the session is more that just what I thought; the real test is how the girls perceived it. The next day I questioned the group in a very conversational way, to learn that every girl was impressed with Steve’s story, believing it to be highly inspiring. Each student was able to articulate some part of the story that they could use as a resource in their future decision making. I believe this school will again call on Stephen’s services for specific programs and the broader school community. I closing, I wish Stephen ongoing success in his career and the strength to continue telling his story to the benefit of those who ‘listen’."
Graham Woods, Student Support Officer, Beerwah State High School

“Stephen is an incredibly captivating presenter. To hear of someone’s growth through adversity and the ‘never-give-up’ attitude is always inspirational and empowering. But more impressive, Stephen was able to contextualize his message to reach his audience which consisted of volunteer mentors and their mentees. The role of significant adults in Stephen’s life journey reinforced the importance that mentoring plays in the lives of young people today."
Karen Phillips, Connect2Mentoring Program Manager, United Synergies

"Stephen's style of communication engaged our students for almost a full hour. The content was appropriate to their understanding and needs, and the degree of their involvement was demonstrated by a good amount of feedback and question-asking at the end. Everyone who hears Stephen's story is amazed not only at his survival, but at what he made of his life today. Thanks Smiling Tiger for giving our students another example of what life can be!"
Stuart White, Chaplain, Caloundra State High School

"Thank you so much for the experience you have provided our business, and more importantly our valuable clients. It is rare that we see a speaker deliver a powerful message and retain complete crowd attention, which you were able to do. Your workshop was compelling, practical and inspiring. We have had an amazing response form our attendees, far outweighing all expectations…and for this I am truly grateful. You were a delight to deal with professionally as well, from concept, to implementation to gentle suggestions for improvement (all of which I was more than happy to adopt)…I really felt you cared for what we were trying to do. This, to me, was the most important ingredient of all. I cannot thank you enough for what you brought to our business, and I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship."
Andrew White, ING State Manager - Intermediary Mortgages

"Stephen presented in a compelling and passionate manner. It is with no doubt that you walk away empowered to improve your life and reach those achievements you sincerely desire. Can't wait to be involved with further education with Smiling Tiger"
Darren Turner, Queensland State Manager, Smartline

It was excellent to chat with you today. I want to thank you very much for your valuable contribution to Key Business Network & to our members in expanding our perspectives both on a business & personal level. Through your powerful & inspiring message you have had a huge impact on all who have heard your presentation. Since your presentation we have received fabulous feedback from our members. All our members are business owners & leaders in their own right. From all of us at KBN we thank you for engaging Key Business Network. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with. We wish you well in your future engagements & look forward to a long & fruitful business relationship."
Doug Bannister, Principal, Key Business Network

Working with Steve has provided me with the tools and thought patterns necessary to take my business and personal life tot eh next level. Steve has uncovered for me the habits and thought patterns preventing me form breaking through to the invisible barrier restricting me from experiencing the growth in my business and personal satisfaction that have desired for many years but not been able to grasp. Through a process of identifying and challenging those thought patterns which presented as barriers to growth, steve has reshaped my business and personal life and sent them In a direction I had desired for so many years yet did not feel equipped to achieve. Steve has provided my with clarity in my business and personal life that I had only dreamed of prior to working with him.
Keith Mole

"It’s easy to fall into a thought pattern that tells you ‘You know it all’ and to feel that ‘Life is all too hard sometimes’. With this in mind we invited Stephen to talk to our entire staff team. As he spoke, you could see his words resonate with them. Straight away I saw and felt the difference. The change reflected in the way we walked, talked and held our heads higher than usual – Becoming new people empowered by the universal understanding that your rewards in life are directly and implicitly linked to the willingness you have to contribute to it! Every member of our team walked away with their own personal lessons and thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Stephen! This was an incredibly valuable session for the business and it’s staff as a whole!”
Paul Betti, Principal, Australian Financial Advisors

"I was running a 12 week challenge body transformation program at my gym and was looking for someone to come in and deliver a motivational seminar to the participants, training hard and eating healthy is just as much mental as it is physical and i just felt with some motivating it would ensure they would all stay on track and achieve what they were there for in the first place. I met Steve 7 years before as we were studying to become a personal trainer and remembered how motivating and inspiring his story was and how it helped me and my life. So i contacted Steve who was all to happy to help. Steve came in and spoke to our participants, he told his story which in itself was a moving, inspiring story but he also managed to link his story with the journey of the participants and the battles in which they face! Through his story people where able to look at themselves and realize that they can achieve and now they had the tools to do so! After the seminar the feed back from the participants was overwhelming, they were so greatful and so was I. Thank you Steve."
Mark Davidson, Fitness Director, Goodlife Cleveland