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Get Motivated to Succeed with Stephen Dale

True motivation is not a temporary emotional feeling, nor is it a single, sporadic event of wizardry. Instead, motivation is the daily application of a long term, practical standard of excellence. It is only when we persevere with this standard of excellence are we able to overcome our greatest obstacle and achieve our highest goal.

  • Do your staff members allow their personal pressures to dictate their work ethic and disrupt the efforts of other workers?
  • Are you, as manager expected to fire the silver bullet and solve all of your staff’s personal and professional challenges?
  • Do you want your staff to ´lift their own level´ in this time of challenge?

Each workshop and presentation is directly tailored to meet your specific business and individual needs, staff requirements and time boundaries.

For the business owners / managers / leaders

  1. Design and Create Your Ideal Workplace Environment
    • Instill clarity, direction, confidence and motivation
    • Why your staff don’t always do what you ask and what to do about it!
    • Grasp and utilise the ‘3 Great Motivators’ into your workplace
  2. Bring the Best Out of Your Staff
    • Staff self – motivators
    • Direct the ethic, temperament and emotion of your staff
    • Leadership through responsibility, accountability and approachability
  3. Personal awareness
    • Self -motivation despite the current pressures and influences
    • Teach your staff how to motivate and empower themselves
    • Teach your staff how to motivate and empower your customers

For the staff

  1. Why should you be motivated at work? What is in it for you?
  2. The 3 Great Motivators and You
  3. How to develop the personal habits of proactive behaviour
  4. How to implement these truths at work and at home Individual follow up with coaching/consulting
  5. Results have clearly shown those who also receive individual follow up and coaching progress at a quicker rate than those who are left to their unchecked habits, thinking processes and behaviour. Coaching provides the opportunity to question or dispute any issue and therefore personalise any changes into their life and business.

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